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What our customers say:

"DermOpt works just brilliantly. Have spent hundreds of pounds at Vet trying to clear my dogs itchy flaky skin and bald patches on rump, ears and around eyes. Having used shampoo and spray for about 6 weeks her coat has completely returned to normal, fantastic result. Will continue to use this product to keep her coat healthy. Highly recommended."

"Hi I just wanted to let you know how successful the Dermopt shampoo has been for my shih tzu he has been suffering with quite a bad case of demodex mites for the last 7 months and we were at the end of our tether! however we then came across your site and I ordered the 500ml bottle, I used the Dermopt on the day I received it and immediately (no exaggeration) noticed a difference, I bathed him again 3 days later as he started to lick again, although only a little, we are so impressed with this product I have just ordered the 1000ml bottle! so I can be sure not to run out! He had his first 'normal' walk/run in the park for months, so thank you and feel free to add this to your site for others to read.
Yours gratefully!
Julie Godden"

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   DermOpt Coat Care Spray and Shampoo for DogsDermOpt Cat Coat SprayDermOpt Horse Shampoo      

          Does Your Cat or Dog Suffer From 

                  Skin Problems or Itching?

                      Is your Pet Suffering From Mange, Dermatitis, or Mites?
                Maybe You're Looking for an Alternative to Malaseb
® Shampoo?


Welcome to Perfect Pet Skin, for dogs, cats and horses with skin and coat problems.

Are you struggling with cat or dog skin problems? Are you trying to find a solution to your cat and dog skin problems?  Then you are in the right place, and will find answers to many of those questions here at Perfect Pet Skin.

Horse, cat or dog with itchy skin?

The first step to helping your pet cat or dog is to find out the cause of the itching. A visit to the vet is advised to confirm the underlying cause of the itching problem.

However, a good anti-fungal and anti-bacterial washing and grooming regime can work wonders.

Use a good shampoo for dog or cat,

such as DermOpt® Dog Shampoo and DermOpt® Coat Care Spray 


This is a shampoo and conditioner for itchy skin caused by atopic dermatitis, mites, dog mange, dog ticks or even as an alternative to a cat flea treatment.

If your cat or dog is itchy, uncomfortable and scratching constantly - they could be suffering from ticks, mites or atopic dermatitis. If you can see mange on your pet then swift, effective action is needed. DermOpt Shampoo and Coat Conditioner is the fast-acting and affordable alternative to Malaseb that can be purchased here without prescription for fast, free shipping direct to you.

At Perfect Pet Skin we have the solution to many cat, dog and even horse skin conditions, including irritation as a result of mange, mites, dog ticks and cat fleas.

We always recommend you consult your vet for a diagnosis.

Still,many of the common skin conditions can be improved effectively with a good washing and grooming regime, especially when you add DermOpt to your routine. The DermOpt® range has been specially formulated to provide fast, effective relief for many of the symptoms causing your pet to scratch.

Its non-irritating ingredients can prevent skin infestation by fleas and mites. It can also reduce the occurrence of mange and soothe skin that’s been irritated by an allergic reaction to any of the mites and ticks your pet may have collected.

Safe to use and extremely effective, the DermOpt®

range of products has been tested and compared to other brands, including Malaseb. We have a long list of very satisfied customers who have seen incredible results and now have much happier pets!

Once you’ve found the cause of the itching and irritation, DermOpt® Shampoo and Coat Conditioner enables you to take action for your pet without the need for prescription-only products such as Malaseb dog shampoo.

DermOpt®'s active ingredient Thrixsolene® is an efficient antibacterial and anti-fungal agent which tackles many of the causes of allergic dermatitis and mange. 

Follow a simple routine for bathing and grooming and you’ll quickly see a much happier cat, dog or horse - free from the constant irritation of mites, fleas and mange. Your pet will also benefit from a glossy, healthier looking coat and skin, including stimulation of hair growth in patches that were previously affected by mange.

Shop now online with our secure shopping process, or buy DermOpt® Shampoo and Coat Conditioner from other trusted retailers including Amazon and eBay.


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The active ingredient in DermOpt® Shampoo and Spray is Thrixsolene®.    

Thrixsolene® is a registered trademark, number UK2432343 in the name of Vera Dewey, Lincolnshire, UK.  

DermOpt® is a registered trademark, number UK3024309 in the name of Highfields Health Ltd, Cambridgeshire, UK




What is Malaseb®?

Malaseb ® is an Antimicrobial shampoo for dogs, cats and horses, combining antibacterial and antifungal agents with coat conditioners. It descales and degreases hair without stripping. The active ingredients of Malaseb® are Chlorhexidine Gluconate (2%) and Miconazole Nitrate (2%). It is available by prescription only by licensed veterinarians, often for mange, dermatitis and atropy as well as other skin conditions. It is effective against organisms such as Staphylococcus intermedius and Malassezia pachydermatis.   Malaseb ® also helps dermatophyte infections, or Ringworm, (when caused by Microsporum canis, M. gypseum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes) in dogs and cats. It is recommended to avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.  The product is produced by Dechra Veterinary Products Ltd in europe and manufactured in the USA by Teva Animal Health inc. (recently acquired by BayerDVM)