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What our customers say:

"DermOpt works just brilliantly. Have spent hundreds of pounds at Vet trying to clear my dogs itchy flaky skin and bald patches on rump, ears and around eyes. Having used shampoo and spray for about 6 weeks her coat has completely returned to normal, fantastic result. Will continue to use this product to keep her coat healthy. Highly recommended."

"Hi I just wanted to let you know how successful the Dermopt shampoo has been for my shih tzu he has been suffering with quite a bad case of demodex mites for the last 7 months and we were at the end of our tether! however we then came across your site and I ordered the 500ml bottle, I used the Dermopt on the day I received it and immediately (no exaggeration) noticed a difference, I bathed him again 3 days later as he started to lick again, although only a little, we are so impressed with this product I have just ordered the 1000ml bottle! so I can be sure not to run out! He had his first 'normal' walk/run in the park for months, so thank you and feel free to add this to your site for others to read.
Yours gratefully!
Julie Godden"

About Perfect Pet Skin

Perfect Pet Skin is run by Bethel Enterprises Ltd, an enterprise set up by Neville Hawkins and Tumi Hawkins to bring to market products for pet skin care. All our products contain Thrixsolene®, a confidential formula containing a mild antiseptic and a mix of vitamins and nutrients. Together this forms an anti-microbial agent which helps healing and also kills very small insects and parasites.

The products are mixed and bottled by Highfields Health Ltd, a joint venture between Neville Hawkins, Tumi Hawkins and Richard Weston of Anrich Vets. The sole distribution rights are granted to Anrich Vets and Bethel Enterprises Ltd.  If you are interested in retailing Thrixsolene® based products, please get in touch with either of these companies.